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„Buy now, Pay later” – Custom Fit Design
Our Focus? Our Customers!
For us, everything revolves around our customers. Customer centricity is not just an empty word for us, it's what we believe in and what we base our work on every day. We do everything we can to find out what challenges our customers face. To do this, we deliberately take a lot of time and spare no effort. Because only if we really understand our customers can we offer them products that they will love and never want to do without again.

There are many good reasons to join Ratepay. That's what our colleagues say:

Jasna Korent
Jasna Korent

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Constance Röhle
Constance Röhle

I am ...
Product Manager for the Real-Time Process

One habit I would like to break if I could ...
would be the constant questioning of things. But then again, that's my job?

What's worth talking about ...
is sustainability. There are so many things that each of us could do better at any given time without it hurting. So just talking about it helps!

Ratepay to me is ...
a big colorful bunch of damn smart people with a lot of heart and mind

Ratepay is the right place for you if ...
you're not only looking for an employer who provides you with regular income, but also a place where you can realize yourself and bring in your idea.


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