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Finance is one of our strengths – tech is the other. As innovative developers, our passion is to have a significant influence over shaping the payments of tomorrow. To do this, a range of motivated teams works for us on continuous improvement of our applications, for example in Product Engineering, in IT Infrastructure and in IT Service Operations. Automation, machine learning and cloud integration are just three of the major topics that we address here from various angles.

There are many good reasons to join Ratepay. That's what our colleagues say:

Marc Trösken
Marc Trösken

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Daniela Becker
Daniela Becker

1. Who are you and what do you do at Ratepay?

I am Daniela, currently 42 years young and work at Ratepay as Identity and Access Manager. My responsibilities include assigning and checking permissions and access to our systems and tools.

2. What has been your development at Ratepay so far?

I started at Ratepay in October 2020 in IAM (Identity and Access Management) and have felt right at home here from the very beginning. From day one, I felt welcome here and was perfectly integrated into my team. Everyone is open to questions and happy to help accordingly.

3. What do you particularly like about Ratepay?

At Ratepay, I especially like the great interaction among each other. We have great, wonderful and sympathetic colleagues from all over the world and we move Ratepay forward every day.

4. Why is your team looking for more colleagues?

We are constantly growing and therefore need support and team members in various areas. So if you are looking for a varied job, would like to develop and contribute, and also want to have great colleagues, then come and join us!

5. What is your best balance to work?

My best balance to work is photography. In addition to classic photography with a DSLR, I also like to be in the air and try to capture the beauty of nature from a bird's eye view. Furthermore, I like boating (with my rubber dinghy ), traveling (preferably to Norway), cycling and making music.

6. Which three words describe you best?

Cordial, careful, nature-loving

7. When do you turn up the radio?

Herbert Grönemeyer! But of course also other music, actually everything is possible. I also enjoy listening to soundtracks. 

8. Who would you like to have lunch with?

Arne Friedrich, Torsten Sträter, Herbert Grönemeyer

Michaela Kittel
Michaela Kittel

"That's what our teams say. There are many reasons to start with Ratepay."

René Kray
René Kray

"That's what our teams say. There are many reasons to start with Ratepay."


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