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The Brain of Ratepay
Anyone who wants to know how healthy Ratepay is, how it is doing in terms of KPIs such as growth rate, fraud rate and even contribution margin or who generally needs data on a specific question has come to the right place with the Data & Analytics team. We look after the processing and management of all data that are critical to the business and we provide the management, our colleagues and even some external stakeholders with figures, data and visual reports, so that they can make fact-based decisions.

There are many good reasons to join Ratepay. That's what our colleagues say:

Stephan Schmidt
Stephan Schmidt

1. Who are you and what do you do at Ratepay?
I am Stephan, 39 years old, father of two children and responsible for the data warehouse and the BI platform at Ratepay.

2. What has been your development at Ratepay so far?
I started as a Database Administrator (DBA) at Ratepay. After a year, I took over the data warehouse team and built a DBA team. Today I am Head of Data.

3. What do you like most about Ratepay?
The many opportunities for personal development, the complexity of the subject matter and, above all, the colleagues.

4. Why is your team looking for more members?
The world has never changed as fast as it does today and it will never change as slowly as it does today. Ratepay's need for data and insights is increasing daily, while technological development is driven by a multitude of flux compensators (at 1.21 gigawatts). To keep up with our demands for high quality, we need more support and are looking for more team members.

5. What is your best balance to work?
My family, sports and riding my motorcycle

6. Which three words describe you best?
Ambitious, cordial, Marvel > DC

7. When do you turn up the radio?
When the music fits my mood.

8. Who would you like to have lunch with?
(Helmut Schmidt), Angela Merkel or Richard Branson.


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