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Risk Management

What there is to know about this department:

In Risk Management we practice operational excellence, think analytically, fight fraud and are developing a self-improving risk engine – always with the aim of boosting sales for our customers at the same time as minimising risk. Every day, the Consumer Risk team therefore goes on the hunt for fraudsters, ensuring that fraud patterns can be detected automatically in the future, whilst colleagues in the Merchant Compliance Risk team are dedicated to the fight against money laundering. The Risk Machine Learning team investigates and develops options for risk prevention using AI and software. And finally, in the Risk Analytics team, all the threads, or data, are drawn together. 

There are many good reasons to join Ratepay. That's what our colleagues say:


1. Who are you and what do you do at Ratepay?

I'm Julia and I'm part of the Consumer Risk department, more specifically in the Fraud Screening team. My main task is to screen orders for possible fraud attempts. This requires an eye for detail, analytical thinking and a good ability to combine information in order to identify correlations and patterns in the available information and data. Deciding whether an order is ultimately accepted or rejected also involves a lot of responsibility. When we in the fraud screening team have uncovered a new fraud pattern, we share this information with the machine learning team. This way, we can contribute our part to make the algorithm even better and thus protect Ratepay from fraud attempts. I am very happy to be part of the Fraud Screening team, as I have an exciting day at work while pursuing work that is fulfilling and fun.

2. How do you see your development at Ratepay so far?

I am particularly proud of my personal development, both personally and professionally. At Ratepay, I now feel that I have finally arrived where I want to be. Tracking down and stopping fraudsters is meaningful and very motivating work for me. In the months I've been with Ratepay, I've learned an incredible amount and grown with each new task. In my previous job in customer service, I already had contact with Ratepay, or more precisely the Ratepay customer service, when it came to fraud cases, for example. That was always a great contact and I found the topic of fraud prevention very interesting. So I jumped at the chance to join Ratepay when I saw the position in Consumer Risk advertised. Fraud screening was a new and exciting field for me. I found the initial training super, even if it was only online due to the Corona situation. I felt welcome and integrated into the team from day one. All my colleagues are always there for me if I have any questions. In the near future, I am particularly looking forward to seeing people in person at Ratepay and getting to know them better.

3. What do you like most about Ratepay?

Definitely the wonderful people at Ratepay. I felt like part of the team here from the very beginning. The team I work in alone is unique, colorful, human, cool and fun. And I've also had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people across other teams, as well. What I also like about Ratepay is that appreciation plays an important role and great importance is attached to ensuring that colleagues feel comfortable and can develop freely.

I also really appreciate the corporate culture here. For example, the opportunity to work in a mobile office or to be able to organize my working hours flexibly. Communication is open and transparent and always at eye level. No matter who I have contact with, there is always an open ear for concerns or wishes. The interaction in the company is respectful, relaxed and human. Another great offer from my point of view is the company pension plan including allowance, which Ratepay offers to all colleagues. And I think it's great that Ratepay is committed to sustainability and gives everyone the opportunity to get involved in social projects one day a year.

4. Why is your team looking for more colleagues?

The big issue we are working on in Consumer Risk is to recognize fraud patterns even better and faster in order to be able to detect as many fraudsters as possible. To do this, we can never have enough good noses in our team. We are the right place for you if you want a varied and exciting working day in a company where you can develop freely and are offered a lot at the same time.

5. What do you do when you're not looking out for fraudsters?

My best balance to work is to do sports like jogging or swimming, to meet with friends (also finally in person again), to travel or to spend time in nature. The last two points also in connection. I would also love to travel to Iceland and see the northern lights.

6. Which three words describe you best?

Cordial, nature-loving, neat

7. When do you turn up the radio?

When Schlager music comes on

8. Who would you like to have lunch with?

Helene Fischer


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